N.Y. Photo Curator Results

‘Self-Conscious’ curated by Frances Jakubek

(Frances Jakubek is a photographer, curator, consultant and advocate for photography. She is the Director of Exhibitions at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York City and past Associate Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts.)

"I feel confronted by my sense of self, my impact on the environment, and the way I am perceived as child, potential parent, friend, stranger, and lover. This group of photographs uncovers dichotomies buried within my (self) conscious. 
Thank you to all who submitted and offered their personal imagery to be experienced. My selections varied greatly throughout the process of “placing” images. In the end, I wanted to highlight different interpretations of the way we inhabit space. I am grateful that this NY Photo Curator platform provides exposure for all of the work that was submitted as there were so many great projects.
As I look at the images together, I notice each photograph has a counterpart, a double of some kind. James Kuan’s sliver of a self-portrait vibrates in the blank space of the diptych by Joseph Caster. There is a strong desire to peer in closer and as I succeed, I feel my own fearful nature come to light in this open, interpretive space.
Another barrier is presented in the portrait by Rachel Dickson; “Puncture” is deceptive in its reveal and is the kind of image that changes dramatically depending on its size. As we peer through the tear in the screen, an optical illusion is created by viewing the image virtually and the flickering effect emphasizes the surreal quality of the picture. 
Perfectly manicured hands create a tensile square in an absolute bleak sky in Erin White’s image. Kris Hodson Moore’s pairing discusses manufacturing and its consequence. Our consciousness of our effect on the environment is increasingly more important to be discussed and adjusted.
Jeremy Ackman’s self-portrait with his daughter is disorienting and sensual at the same time. Placed in the same context as Ellen Feldman’s arrangement, I feel slightly disturbed by the cyclical nature of parenthood that brings into question nature, nurture and the many layers that reside there. Within this discomfort, I awarded Peggy Taylor Reid the best series as her references go beyond her personal experience and incorporate the history of medicine and human suffering":
First Place Image Winner: 
Joseph Caster, Christian, Twice
Second Place winner: 
Rachel Dickson, Puncture
Honorable Mentions: 
1-James Kuan, Outward
2-Kris Hodson Moore, Fly Away Breath
3-Erin White, Crop
4-Jeremy Ackman, Untitled3
5-Ellen Feldman, Mom and Me at a cafe 20 years Apart
Best Series:
Peggy Taylor Reid
10% of artist entry fees goes to the charity of the curator. 10% of artist entry fees goes to the charity of the curator. Jakubek chooses the Adaptive Surf Project.

Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity. Joseph Caster has chosen the National Down Syndrome Society.