N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: KEVIN LYLE '15766' & DEBORAH BAI LANNON 'Avalonia 62'
15766 by Kevin Lyle
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Curator Ellen Wallenstein says, "A black & white image presented as a vertical diptych. Very unexpected."

Kevin E Lyle says, "As long as I can remember, I've been curious about incidental objects and environments and their potential for a sort of extraordinary/
ordinary beauty. 

I find this quality in the work of photographer Eugene Atget, composer Erik Satie and singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie. These great artists are a constant source of inspiration.

My process is fueled by an innate huntergatherer impulse. Most of my images are collected within walking distance of my home on Chicago's north side. 

Contemplative wandering in the urban analog world, away from the preponderance of drama delivered digitally via television and the Internet, reveals evidence of real life - evidence of what may be, may have happened or may yet occur.

Sometimes mundane, sometimes oblique, askew or atypical. Mostly overlooked, until documented.

I also get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction out of combining and blending images with Photoshop.

Recent Exhibitions:

10/2018 - The Shape Of Things - Praxis Gallery - Honorable Mention
09/2018 - Still Life- Juror Kimberly Witham - PhotoPlace Gallery - Middlebury VT
07/2018 - Vicinity 2018 - Juror David Travis - Perspective Gallery, Evanston IL
06/2018 - Landscapes 2018 - Juror Allie Haeusslein - Center for Fine Art 
Photography, Ft Collins CO
05/2018 - Absences - LoosenArt - Millepiani Exhibition Space - Rome Italy
04/2018 - Patterns and Shadows - Juror Stephen Perloff - NYC4PA Jadite 
Gallery - New York NY
03/2018 - Myths, Legends and Dreams - Juror Amy Holmes George - 
PhotoPlace Gallery - Middlebury VT
02/2018 - Chair - Juror S Gayle Stevens - A Smith Gallery, Johnson City TX
01/2018 - Architectural Elements - Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists - 
Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago IL - Hon Mention
09/2017 - Filter Prime - Juror Kat Kiernan - Fogelson Studio, Chicago IL
03/2017 - Lens 2017 - Perspective Gallery - 1st Runner Up


N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: KEVIN LYLE '15766' & DEBORAH BAI LANNON 'Avalonia 62'
AVALONIA 62 by Deborah Bai Lannon
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Curator Ellen Wallenstein says, "Two views from a slightly different viewpoint. The images worked beautifully together, even if the thick black borders placed around them seem a bit too heavy."

Deborah Bai Lannon says, "Avalonia" – a scientific term - denotes a post-volcanic micro continent that formed approximately 400 million years ago along the northeastern coast of the U.S. and the western part of the Great Britain. Remnants of Avalonia can still be seen along the New England shoreline.

My most recent project  – a series of diptychs - focuses on the light, geology and spiritual presence that can be found on the shores of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. It’s against this elemental backdrop of infinity and erosion that I find collective human memories are innocently stamped, erased and stamped again. We leave our marks on the sand, the sea and the rocks; they leave their marks on us. And in the end – only Avalonia endures."

Deborah Bai-Lannon is a Boston-area photographer. Her work has been exhibited in both the United States and in Europe. Specializing in the use of natural and available light, Bai-Lannon focuses on revealing the extraordinary and the unusual in everyday places.  She holds a BFA in photography from Rhode Island School of Design, and a Masters in Teaching (Photography) from Rhode Island College.
Group and Solo Exhibitions Include:

New England School of Photography (2019)
Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead MA (2019)
Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead MA (2018)
Old Schwamb Mill, Arlington MA (2018)
Space Millepiani, Rome Italy (2018)
PH21 Gallery, Budapest Hungary (2016)
Site: Brooklyn, NYC (2016)
Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA (2015)
Bedford Center for the Arts, Bedford MA (2015)


 "We must look a long time before we can see." - Henry David Thoreau, Natural History of Massachusetts